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  • Alan Thorpe

From marketing strategy to demand generation.

Identifying the right B2B markets, targets, plus nailing how to add sufficient value to win the attention of buyers (vs. competitors) are common challenges clients ask me to solve.

But strategy only gets organisations to their starting lines. So, in many cases, I lead marketing execution. This ranges from content strategy & writing, to social selling. It often includes website homepage re-designs and HubSpot set-ups. It can include helping clients to select and build (train, lead) their own teams. And, it can include being the brand's representative.

Recently, a client asked me to prepare and deliver an interactive speech at a MarTech/Email event in Utrecht. The brief included building brand awareness plus opening direct conversations with key targets. You can see the talk (below).


1. Committing to the event forced writing down what the brand really thinks and stands for (part of my contribution). This content is proving highly valuable across direct, social, site selling.

2. Significant leads generated from at event engagement.

3. Post event distribution of the video has opened doors at several significant prospects.

4. A video that's 'snipped' into relevant sections for social and bid use.


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