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Clients who are cracking growth

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Brilliant times, lovely people, great outcomes.

A strategy for scale-up.

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''My business has a fantastic operating model and we are loved by our clients but growth has been hampered by our lack of strategic Sales and Marketing expertise. Working with Alan Thorpe of 3 Valued Things has exceeded our expectations - he identified the flaws in both our digital presence and our tactical activities and illuminated a growth path by delivering a strategic blueprint. I’m confident we will achieve our growth projections as a result.''

Michelle Fiegehen, Chief Executive Officer - Yempo Solutions.

Doubled client numbers in 8 months; trade sale to PMY Group.


''Sports Data Services (now PMY Group) won high value new clients within 4 months of briefing 3VT.  Our new Go to Market strategy and ABM, plus 3VT's content production & outreach, has freed our core team to focus upon delivery. I highly recommend a conversation with Alan.''

Colin Rickard, Commercial Director, Sports Data Services.

Go to market review and B2B marketing for machine learning start-up.

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''Alan’s brought a customer mindset into our positioning, applying this consultancy to our appearance, prospecting, and content marketing. He’s built immediate pipeline and engaged prospects from the stage for us at international business events.''

John Conway, Managing Director, Co-Founder.

Double digit annual growth.


''We want Firehaus to stay fresh in prospects' minds so that they think of us when the time is right. Working with 3 Valued Things enables us to meet this need without a heavy draw on our experts' time.''

Nick Barthram, Strategy Director, Firehaus. 

Go to market strategy & copy for Eco tech food supply chain business.

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"Alan has a brilliant mind that enables him to quickly grasp the core of any business and extract from a lot of waffle the real customer outcomes that need communicating. Not only was he able to help define our new sales messaging, but he also enabled me, as the founder, to shift my mindset to focus more on outcomes. This way of thinking has clarified the why for our business, which has made both our sales and our investor messaging more impactful."
Domini Hogg, Founder, Tried and Supplied.

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