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Convert more leads to sales

Many expertise based businesses produce HUGE pitch decks. Sounds familiar? Costly, slow and very often not what buyers want to see. 
We help B2B leaders refocus their efforts to win upstream of pitch influence. 
  • Learn & focus upon outcomes buyers want
  • Replace facts with stories that sell
  • Address objections before they become blockers. 

Winning high value B2B deals invariable requires multiple stakeholders to agree that 'you're the team for us'. It's super complicated dating! Result? Many bidders try to do all the hard work in the pitch room. This is almost always far too late. A competitor will likely already hold a winning hand.  

''Having a deep understanding of 21st century marketing allows Alan to solve business problems in ways that drive success for all parties. Alan is trusted by clients and colleagues alike to build enjoyable partnerships that deliver results.''
Mike Fisher, Serial Data Business Owner

Bid & Pitch Strategy Training

  • How to get ahead before any pitch.

  • How to capture the REAL outcomes buyers want.

  • How to identify objections and prepare mitigation.

  • How to present your pitch in just a few slides

  • How to use stories, not just facts, to emotionally engage & win over buyers.

  • How to present a short menu of choices that enables a positive decision.

Time: Run as a one day executive workshop.

Cost: £2000

Ongoing support (such as individual pitch/presentation training) is available upon request.

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