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Effective B2B Marketing Strategy

If you sell high value tech or expertise based solutions then you'll want to:
  • fuel demand generation
  • add new business fire to client relationships
  • win clients' support for recommendations & referrals
  • nurture prospects to win their trust and spend.  
Examples: Research papers enabling Firehaus to target technology innovators.
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You've built your strategy for success and now need to turn this into an executable, month by month, B2B marketing plan. 

My team & I collaborate with you and your (if available) marketing team(s) to build a B2B marketing strategy and plan that balances your ambitions and available resources.  You'll understand: ​

  • Where to focus effort and resources.

  • What can be achieved via organic growth, when paid media may be required to hit targets and timescales.

  • Marketing skills now vs. required to execute your plan.

  • Marketing technology now vs. required to execute your plan.

  • Marketing content production capabilities now vs. required to execute your plan.

  • Key metrics to track. 

''The constant pressure on our core team to create effective content & ABM has gone.''
Colin Rickard, Commercial Director, Sports Data Services (now PMY Group)
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B2B Marketing Strategy (assuming Go to Market activities are complete)

Time: 3-4 weeks 

Price: £4000.  This includes 1 day of SEO analysis from our expert associate.

B2B Marketing Strategy Execution Support Options (to complement your team)

We can fill gaps in your armoury:

  • Turn your expertise into effective content:

    • Consistently produce buyer persona aligned content that your clients & prospects value. Arm your digital, direct, and social outreach with ‘something of genuine interest’ to build relationships. 

    • Blogs that get read. On your website, when sent direct to prospects and clients; that support social selling & SEO. 

    • LinkedIn posts. Your audience is right in front of you. Engage them. We make this happen.

    • Email and CRM

  • Fix SEO. Our associate SEO expert brings 20 years of success.

  • Fix PPC. 

1. Outsource demand generation. Our team builds and executes your B2B marketing strategy.

 Content, email, social and (if required) SDR activities.  
Price: Typically £5000-6500/month. This can be a HUGE saving AND far more effective than recruiting your own team.

2. Outsource your content marketing:  We write; you gain effective content.  
Price: Typically £2500-£3500/month 
3. Virtual CMO to lead strategy implementation & mentor your team, 1 day per week.
Price: £2500/month

4. SEO so that your site's visible.

Price: £600/day

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