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  • Alan Thorpe

5 simple steps to win more B2B recommendations that you can take today.

Updated: Jan 26

So how do you win more B2B recommendations? The 84% of B2B work that comes through this route?

1. Deliver stonking client outcomes. These case studies are the social currency you're going to need to get referrals.

I'm working with a fantastic business that’s getting referrals in the door because they've done great work. No outbound efforts yet made.

2. Connect. A simple, but often ignored, habit is making sure that when you do meet people you make the effort to connect. The brilliance of LinkedIn is the opportunity to see who knows who. If you're working in a particular vertical or horizontal people move from place to place. A far easier way to get introduced than cold calling.

3. Never ask for referrals. Ask for advice. If a target is connected to someone you've done great work for ask your contact ‘As you know Jane, how would you advise that I approach her?’. Nine times out of ten they're going to volunteer an introduction.

Reality? We love to be asked for advice but prefer to avoid additional work.

4. Create intrigue. Your email is one of dozens. Your contact may just give you an email address for your target. In which case ask permission to include their name in the email subject line. ‘Jane, Jason Jones suggested I get in touch.’ Most of us can’t resist such a subject line.

5. Offer instant value. Immediate value is what gains conversations and meetings. Sharing what others in their sector are doing is best. This is where to play the social currency of your case studies.

Why do so many people miss referrals gold? Mostly it’s the simple discipline of always asking. The top performing salespeople are invariably the people who ask for referrals. Are you one?


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