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  • Alan Thorpe

Using humour in B2B Marketing is good.

Updated: Jan 25

Want to smile at work? Who doesn't look forward to a meeting with someone that leaves you with a spring in your step?

So why do many B2B marketers shy away from using humour? Take a look at your competitors (and possibly own) outputs on LinkedIn. Listen to most webinars. They make Keir Starmer seem like Peter Kay!

My instincts are that marketers fear not being taken seriously, so play it straight. Or, are not sure how to balance the business message vs. humour.

Here's the thing. You don't have to be laugh out loud funny. But a little charm matters a great deal.

So, before you press 'post' on LI, or record that webinar or podcast, ask yourself if you'd feel better about the world after you'd read/watched/listened to your output.

A great place to start is

You might also try out a little alliteration. Marvellous marketers make many amused.


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