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  • Alan Thorpe

Are you missing the No. 1 B2B marketing skill?

Updated: Jan 25

‘’When hiring…hire for a great writer above all else. This is because email marketing, blog writing, web page creation and social media posting all form the cornerstone of a successful marketing plan’’*

Imagine then that, uniquely, the BBC loves promoting your brand. Brilliant! And no mentions of ‘other providers/products are available.’ Surely, not even Alan Partridge could blow this (equivalent) media spend? Well…

Of course most of us would love our brands to luxuriate in a Keir sized swag bag of marketing media. The reality though is that in content overloaded 2021 even the biggest swing of our media machetes can leave competitors standing. It’s the sharp edge of brilliant writing that fells them.

It’s our writing that enables daylight to spotlight our brands, delivering much coveted consciousness in the minds of our target audiences. This is why the No. 1 B2B Marketing Skill is writing.

Writing is brain bashing, time-guzzling graft for 99% of us. Yet, effective communicators know that honing this ability is fundamental to their success. Formidable marketers, politicians, entertainers & preachers lay a potent scent trail that’s fuelled by a heady mix of entertainment, inspiration, education and convincing messages. They focus upon:

· Curiosity creating headlines.

· First lines that re-enforce our curiosity.

· Leaving us feeling better off for having lent our attention.

· Calls to action that keep us coming back for more.

So, need growth? Then fuel your fire by finding your great writers. You might be one!

Want to do better than Keir? Here’s three communicators with the ability to shame the most expensive agencies. Do sign up to read their stuff. No budget beans required. They’ll enable you to add a gleam to your brand’s cutting edge. I promise!

· Jon Morrow Sign up for genius emails & writing guide wizardry.

· Scott Galloway Get his weekly emails. Nails his angles, not afraid of opinion; beautiful use of stats to back up his arguments.

· Richard Norton. ‘’Shifting your comms from muted vanilla to multi-sensory thriller through ideas, words, images and technology’’. Norts is an ex. Colleague. He knows compelling copy like no-one else I’ve ever worked with. He’s also a bit mad. In the best ways.

And please do sign up to follow this blog. Bottom of this page. I’ll bring cake next time!



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