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How to write effective B2B content

Updated: Jan 26

Hello, thanks for stopping! You’ve lent but a moment so we'll crack on with giving you tools to craft content that cuts through to your B2B buyers.

We've assumed you've already researched your buyer personas and know what interests them. It's now a case of how to write effective B2B content. In our world of distractions ‘It’s no time to be boring’ as Douglas Hollinger says. How can you ensure that what you write doesn't bland in and get ignored?

Brand. Your business does a lot of things, right? So how do you land a message? Velocity Media’s Doug Kessler identifies that ‘Mojo’ brands keep things simple. They:

· Say less

· Build on a crystal of truth

· Make people think something and feel something

His personal favourite? Volvo’s ‘Epic Splits’. They could have gone with ‘our trucks are cheaper to own and more reliable’ (boring!) but, instead, they focused on the one thing that would worry most drivers. Reversing. Result?

Entertain - But you don’t have to be Romesh funny, or even Les Dennis.

Yesterday an ex. Colleague filmed graphs drawn in the sand on his local beach. The location, the novelty, the simple charm, he can’t open his eyes for the wind. Engaged? Yes! He’s called Alan, so was born brilliant.

Marketing guru Prof Scott Galloway’s niche is vibrant observational writing and videos. Literally the best in the world at his craft (says me).

And feel free to throw in games, competitions, quizzes. Always a winner if you’re purveyors of anything data related where you’ve chiselled out rare, interesting and true, facts.

Inspire – Yep, it’s time to arm your buyers with testimonials and reviews. Other than buying coffee, we don’t trust ourselves to make buying decision alone. Blair Enns is a master He’s distilled his brand into one, core, message that matters to his audience and littered his web page with testimonials.

Educate – be generous with your know-how. How we feel about your business is critical to success. Generosity itself? Jon Morrow . Guides, infographics, webinars all for free. Brilliantly done. Do download his ’50 headline hacks’ and sign up for his mails.

Convince – Buying is a balance of risk and reward. Your buyers aren’t taking decisions alone. They need you to arm them with material that they can fire off to convince influential colleagues. Case studies. Checklists. Proven Methodologies – everyone likes to know what’s going to happen next and what it means for them.

A personal fav? Forming mixed groups of clients and prospects. Let clients do the convincing. And ask the group for their top three worries (in your area of business). Keeps your business focused on things that matter to your budget holders and informs your content strategy.


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