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  • Alan Thorpe

How great B2B Marketing enables buyers to navigate change.

Updated: Jan 31

A barrier that successful B2B Marketing and Sales strategies must overcome is the shift between gaining interest versus sales. Very often, required internal changes that buyers must make to gain outcomes you're selling stop sales. These changes can make doing nothing the preferred & safest career option for them.

Sellers who best equip buyers to manage change tend to be the most successful.

When it comes marketing and selling B2B technology and data solutions, understanding any 'change' or interim steps that buyers must take to get the end outcomes they want is fundamental to sales success.

We work with a company that sells data solutions to major sports clubs, including Premier League football clubs. A huge barrier for sport focused buyers is maintaining technology solutions. They absolutely want the outcomes they deliver but struggle to recruit and retain technology talent. Response? The seller developed a managed service. This also allows clients to shift spend from CapEx to OpEx, and dissolves buyers' budget challenges.

The takeout? Successful B2B marketing requires marketers who develop a deep understanding of buyers change challenges. They feed these changes back into their organisation's business strategy for resolution. Failing to do this will likely undermine your marketing efforts.


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