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  • Alan Thorpe

Being the best isn't enough to win growth

Sometimes, clients ask why I plan from scratch instead of instantly promoting a solution/product. It’s especially true when they believe that they are fantastic at what they do (they often are).

So why hold off? I don’t want to waste their money. Or time. Or disappoint.

Ambitious leadership teams seek me out when they want to get to the next stage of growth. They’ve won quality clients but need to win wider marketplace acceptance. OR they need to crack sales into their wider group. They’ve not yet reached a place where they can rely on the +80% of sales that arrive via a well-run recommendations and referrals strategy.

70% of our decisions are emotional, as Gallup (and others) have found. Being ‘the best’ is a rational sell. It falls into the lower 30% of our decision taking.

So, how do you dial in the emotional sell? Start planning at the beginning with research.

In 2022 a client identified that their buyers wanted to buy. But they couldn’t. They lacked the skills, and confidence, to address the challenge. The business had a stalled pipeline. The emotional angle? A focus upon addressing buyer worries and objections, validated with client testimony and hard outcomes.

No amount of instant promotion would have fixed this.

In 8 months, they doubled client numbers. They are my advocates.

Gallup likes vs needs
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