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  • Alan Thorpe

B2B marketing budget down? You need to know this.

So many organisations I help to grow start out with the same challenge. They have many different solutions for multiple different audiences. I get it. They want to spread their net to ensure they win enough work to satisfy their financial needs.

Let's imagine we're B2B buyers, in the market for a high value solution; something that we might buy every few years (such as software, a platform etc). Ask yourself who you'd prefer to buy from? A seller that's the known expert in the thing(s) you want? Or a seller that claims to do what you want but also a whole load of other stuff?

Multiple focuses cause real problems for us marketing folks. We know that our job is to build trust between our organisation and buyers that 'we're the folks who can give you these outcomes.' Yet, every time we're asked to sell multiple things, our message inconsistency undermines our own performance. We can't convince sellers that 'we're the folks who'.

This is also a problem for sales folk. Here's why:

2023 is a great time to fix this growth blocker. Many marketers face reduced budgets accompanied by a tougher market AND expectations that they will still deliver growth. My advice? Do less. Here's why this is the effective way to go. Follow this steer to avoid becoming a victim of circumstances:


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