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  • Alan Thorpe

CMOs: is your data fit to lead business strategy?

The top job is open to marketing leaders who can deliver data insights that inform board level business strategy decisions.

Acquisition, growth, retention, LTV are familiar marketing KPIs often brilliantly supported by data. The insights from captured, curated and created data sets have added an element of predictability to marketing outcomes and revenues.

Marketing's long sponsorship of data places the data wise in an incredible position to power future business strategy. As Prof Scott Galloway noted in Marketing Week:

''The CMOs who are thriving and potentially become the next CEO are the ones who say, ‘I’m your link to the market, I understand strategy and I’m informing every piece of the supply chain. I understand where we’re getting products and services, where we can save money and lose money, I’ve got my finger on the pulse. I understand what hard decisions we need to make around product and the trade-off between feature and functionality. This is our distribution strategy''

Why share this now? To help data lacking marketing leaders win budget from board teams that may have had less opportunity to become data literate (than they've had).

Without the right data assets business strategy is, increasingly, like flying blind. It's becoming preferable for many to sell via intermediaries who have invested in data. But, with the right data assets it's possible to land growth in strong and changing crosswinds, without losing margin and sight of future potential to others.

A few more thoughts to ponder are downloadable, below.

How do data driven organisations grow 30% year
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