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  • Alan Thorpe

How NOT to get shafted by your own ABM

ABM is inherently risky. Why? Focusing investment and effort upon a small number of key targets ignores your broader market. If your ABM isn't working then you're stuffed. Yet, effective ABM can be very efficient.

What can you do to reduce the risks of ABM? There are four key areas to focus.

1. Build a distinctive brand. Because people buy from brands that come most easily to mind your brand MUST be sticky.

2. Social proofs. These are the outcome focused case studies that scream 'low risk', the awards that shout 'best you can get.'

3. What others say. Extend your social proofs by being seen and quoted in relevant trade press; assessed by credible external bodies whose approvals reduce buyer risk. Take speaking slots.

4. People and offers. Prepare to match experts with buyers, offers with buyers. If you're meeting tech director then free up your tech specialist. If you're meeting the MD, free up your MD. And make your experts visible. On your site, in social, at events.

Here's my two minute run through of the above.


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