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  • Alan Thorpe

How to be a successful B2B marketer in 2024

Updated: Feb 12

As B2B marketers it’s our job to help our bosses understand what it will take to hit sales targets; what it is that will tempt us, humans, to buy. To be successful, every marketer must know the resources they need to hit targets so that they can ask for them.

  • Strong marketers are all over the numbers.

  • Strong marketers know this is how to build credibility with their boss.

  • Strong marketers use metrics to win the resources they need to hit numbers OR set realistic targets that reflect available budgets.

  • Current performance. Which activities generate leads?

  • Which of these leads convert? What % convert?

  • How many more leads do we need to generate?

  • How does this lead target translate into an activity plan?

  • How much will this cost?

  • What can the business afford?

This is the basis for discussion and input that bosses want. They desire a plan for success, not hit and hope 'quick fix' cold outreach that will likely leave them to explain failure to their own frustrated boss. This is how to be a successful B2B Marketer in 2024.

If your boss isn’t convinced and won't align budgets and targets, then you face an uphill battle for success. Every missed target will become a friction point. Neither you nor your boss wants this. So, use numbers to start off on the right foot. You can then enjoy a happy 2024.


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