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  • Alan Thorpe

How to research what your buyers want.

The root of all successful marketing is research. Without it you're just hoping for a lucky hit. In these three, max 2 minute, videos I explain where & what to research. I share how this helps you to help your buyers to buy from you.

a. How can you plan marketing that your target b2b audiences will engage with? And welcome? I run through basic research elements that can spin your content from turn off, to turn on.

b. Why successful marketing of complex b2b solutions requires constant, ongoing collaboration between sales and marketing. I list key questions that marketing should regularly ask sales. Marketing gains by hearing what prospects and clients say to sales. Sales gain by being able get marketing that they know is relevant & effective.

c. How to turn #b2b buyer research into marketing that will help your audiences to buy from you. Buyers of high value #b2b services have many processes to go through before they can buy from you. In this video I explain how you can help them navigate these processes...using what you've learned from researching their needs.


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