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  • Alan Thorpe

Is ChatGPT right for your content?

If I ran a #B2B business requiring high volume sales with limited recurring revenues, then I’d be all over ChatGPT. I'd ask my SEO expert for a steer, learn the tool, get content; edit, test, repeat. Why not give it a go?

But what if (like our clients) your business requires high value, low volume, sales that generate recurring revenues? Selecting your outfit is a serious business for buyers. They need to be able to spot the AI blaggers so that they know they’ll get outcomes they need.

The solutions?

1. Buyers rely even more on recommendations and referrals. So, deliver magnificent outcomes for your clients.

2. Get authentic. Your people, your experts, face up. Multi-year case studies. Podcasts where experts get quizzed. Videos where experts use white boards to demonstrate what they know. Greater access to your experts earlier in buying processes.

The last ten years have seen buyers spending far less time with sellers, pre-sale. As AI grows, I believe smart buyers of high value solutions will want to reverse this trend.

We know tech makes change happen fast. CD to MP4, iTunes to Spotify. Your Account Based Marketing needs to plan for this shift, now.


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