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  • Alan Thorpe

Is LinkedIn posting better than blogging for B2B Marketing?

Updated: Feb 12

Most of our client organisations are run by experts who have held senior roles for many years. Their LinkedIn networks are strong and valuable. It makes sense for them to post to their networks (as I do to mine) as it's where the eyes are. Remember +80% of B2B sales have recommendations and referrals at their roots. This is especially the case where an organisation is young. Buyers are far more likely to come from within your trust network than from outside of it simply because we know buyers prefer to trust familiar brands with their spend.

You can always invite your connections to follow your company page.

Is LinkedIn posting better than blogging, or should you also blog on your website? Yes! Linking keyword research to content production is critical to growing organic SEO. Every business wants to capture search traffic that's likely to originate from buyers with a problem to solve. Closing the gap between inbound traffic and your sales targets via other means (such as paid) can be costly. Even when paid traffic lands it's far less likely to convert if a site's content doesn't convey trust.

But what if time and resources for B2B content production are tight?

  1. Let's assume that your B2B go to market strategy is professionally researched and that your positioning is clear.

  2. B2B marketers can make meaningful impacts upon social reach & engagement, plus SEO, by producing one or two high quality, long form, pieces of content per month.

  3. B2B marketers should use this long form content to form +20 social posts.

If you need to fix your B2B Marketing strategy and content marketing, then get in touch. We can free your senior experts from the pressure to run effective content marketing strategies.


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