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  • Alan Thorpe

It's a win! Welcome iota-ML

In all my years of Marketing & Sales I've never experienced the immediate interest (within two days) that iota-ML is generating. As AI and Machine Learning change our world it's an absolute delight to be asked to take this game changing data science product to market by John Conway & his team.

Volvo have (over 18 months) proven iota-ML's ability to transform CRM performance.

  • +3x engagement across channels.

  • +4.5x size of most engaged segment.

  • +6x highly engaged, interested in electrification.

  • +50% click increase, rolling six months.

  • Subscribers opening 11 emails every 6 months vs. previous 4

Volvo's budgets vs. their previous arrangements? Down!

iota-ML is an easy-to-use, no-code platform that helps marketers optimise their campaign strategy through the power of machine learning. It's allows marketers to self-serve and create hyper-relevant campaigns that increase engagement by identifying what their customers prefer, at the click of a few buttons.

Get in touch to see it. Your organisation's future success may depend upon it (no exaggeration).

Here's my five minute introduction to the tool.


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