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  • Alan Thorpe

Need to speed up growth? Then you need to build a strong brand!

Updated: Jan 25

Over the last four weeks we've explored how focusing expertise enables a business to:

· stand out

· find more opportunities that it wants (and can win)

· be seen as expert

· be more easily referable and less replaceable

· charge more

In today’s ‘Chalkboard Tuesday’ we dive into the role of brand as an enabler of growth.

I'm currently working with a couple of successful businesses that have reached scale up phase. They are successful, but they want to grow more rapidly than their organic flight paths are enabling. Brand plays a key role in this process, freeing up the business critical referral process (84% of B2B sales start this way remember) and building trust, plus recall, in the minds of buyers who aren’t currently in market (95% of B2B buyers).


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