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  • Alan Thorpe

B2B Marketing sport - A £700m opportunity for football clubs

Updated: Feb 12

Our clients have identified an incredible opportunity for sports and clubs with significant international followings to build 1-2-1 fan relationships.

Of course, opportunities like this are 'bang-on' for B2B Marketing in sport.

But ABM is SO much more effective where gravitas is lent by fantastic press coverage and in-sector speakers. And where the brand is recognised when it inhabits inboxes.

So, we've been working alongside a brilliant mix of PR and Web specialists to release CLV Group's 2022 edition of their Fan Relationship Index to the world.

Live with press today it's already won copy in over 30 titles and interviews on Sky Sports. Core targets are downloading the report.

ABM kicks off next week.

Here's Louis Saha and Neil Joyce to explain more.


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